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TCS230 color sensor module

" Parameter
Voltage Supply (VDD)
2V7 ~ 5V5
Abs Max VDD
-0.3V ~ 6V3
Measurement range
Approx. 300nm to 980nm [3]
Output interface type
Frequency pin o/p single pin [2]
Logic Levels CMOS or TTL
Logic input voltage (L,H) 0V0 ~ 0V8, 2V0 ~ VDD
Logic output voltage (L,H) 0V4, 4.5 (for VDD=5V)
Output frequency Scale 100%
600kHz (typ) [1][2]
Output frequency Scale 20% 120kHz (typ) [1][2]
Output frequency Scale 2% 12kHz (typ) [1][2]
Active current
2mA (typ), 3mA (max)
Power down current
7uA (typ), 15uA (max)
Operating temperature
-40°C ~ 70°C
[1] Output frequency controlled by registers S0,S1 to divide down output.
[2] Each of the R,G,B,W outputs is selected separately in software."

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